Get Off The Drug You Didn't Even Know You Were On. (ASMR Rain, tapping, gentle voice) *__*

Hailey WhisperingRose < 0 hours ago

Ulysses, by James Joyce. Chapter 1, Part 2

TheWhisperCorner 1 hour ago

ASMR Whispered Let's Play Final Fantasy VI - Part 17

Audible Quiet 1 hour ago

ASMR B*tchy Friend Makeup Roleplay| Lily Whispers ASMR

Lily Whispers 1 hour ago

Close Up Whisper⭐ Ear Cupping ⭐ Fabric Sounds ⭐ Featuring SheIn

CalmingEscape . 1 hour ago

ASMR | Skyrim Special Edition! [close up whispering]

JubileeWhispers 2 hours ago

Advent 2016 - 2 - Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Elelwyn 4 hours ago

ASMR || Flirty Barista Role Play [Creepster Edition]

Melissa Rose 4 hours ago

Nancy Today: Puritan rug hooking frame

NancyToday 5 hours ago

Organic Holiday Junk Food 🎄 Green Gift Giving

Colorful Canary 5 hours ago

Day 15 post hip replacement surgery

NancyToday 5 hours ago

More Present Wrapping - ASMR

WaveringWhispers 7 hours ago

Premier League Predictions

TheWhisperCorner 8 hours ago

ASMR/ a quickie ramble

MrsRaquelPerez 11 hours ago

ASMR Masquerade!

MissBunnyWhispers 12 hours ago

Asmr Christmas Shop Role Play - Personal Attention & tingly trigger items

MinxLaura123 12 hours ago

ASMR 音フェチ ちょっとくすぐったい耳かき両耳(無言)Ear cleaning

Urara1966 15 hours ago

What's coming up next for your relaxation? 12/2/16

ASMR Destiny 17 hours ago

Add me on Twitter! :-)

WhisperOcean 18 hours ago

vlogmas 2016 #1 * Snow in my beard *

Allen Marcus 18 hours ago


sweetwhispers4u 19 hours ago

Gentle Brush┃Eye Contact ♡ Sk Sk, TsTs, Kiss┃ Layered Sounds & Ear To Ear Whispering Binaural ASMR

TheWaterwhispers 20 hours ago

ASMR: ♣️ Playing Cards & Whispering ♣️

DreamASMR 21 hours ago

🎅 Little Elf Roleplay 🎅 Fixing Your Tingles ASMR

Fairy Char ASMR 21 hours ago

On Wednesdays We Wear Black (asmr roleplay)

turkoizdog 22 hours ago

Depression Recovery #16 They Are Not Reacting To You Self Healing Help

Jody Whiteley 22 hours ago

Pregnancy Cravings: Cheese & Pickled Onions / Eating Sounds & Soft Speaking

redrosewhispers 23 hours ago

ASMR Ear Cleaning Role Play: Binaural Audio That Lets You Feel Me In Your Ears!

Heather Feather 24 hours ago

ASMR Softly Speaking about my Favorite Nintendo DS and 3DS Games

Audible Quiet 25 hours ago

ASMR español | Roleplay de maquillaje | Makeup role play in spanish.

NekoASMR 25 hours ago

🎧 ASMR Binaural🎧Ear to Ear💎Cumpleaños Feliz/Happy Birthday (Echo Layered Humming)

Hermetic Kitten 25 hours ago

🎧 intense EAR-to-EAR ASMR👂SOUND ASSORTMENT ~ Show & tell (SOFT whispering ♥) 💤 ↬ many TRIGGERS! ↫ ✶

danipink89 26 hours ago

Cardboard model of Statue of Liberty | ASMR Art & Craft (silent, no talking)

ASMRKitty 26 hours ago

This Video Doesn't Exist . You Are Just Dreaming . See? 💤

The ASMR Circus 26 hours ago

Asmr español Nuevo libro de mandalas y dibujos para relajarse pintando

Moon Sunwhisper 27 hours ago

ASMR Crinkle Crackle Tingle Heaven

SensorAdi_PL 27 hours ago

ASMR Test, How Your Brain Reacts to The Sounds l Polish Binaural ASMR

SoftAnnaPL 28 hours ago

MUKBANG ASMR *Eating Show* | Domino's Pizza

Asmrer 29 hours ago

Day 14: hip post op

NancyToday 29 hours ago

ASMR Spool of yarn being cut in half (satisfying)

ASMRSURGE 29 hours ago


tasha tasha 30 hours ago

Asmr tingle Video - Various sounds from Tapping/crinkles/Face brushing/Gloves

asmrdidibandy 31 hours ago

[미니유 한국어 ASMR] 플라시보 효과 클리닉│가짜 뇌수술│placebo clinic Role Play│위로 ASMR

y minmin 31 hours ago

Asmr - Collab with a viewer - Applying Make up / Make up Rummage sounds - Maxxy Rainbow Drag Queen

MinxLaura123 35 hours ago

ASMR Cheese/Shrimp Crackers Eating Sounds (Crinkle & Drinking Sounds)

AlexAuAsmr 35 hours ago

【音フェチ】[無言] ジェリーボール エコーサウンド -binaural-【ASMR】

MARINMARING 37 hours ago

【音フェチ】[地声] ジェリーボール -binaural-【ASMR】

MARINMARING 37 hours ago

Advent 2016 - 1 - 'Twas the Night before Christmas ...

Elelwyn 38 hours ago

An asmr quick whisper update/ showing our tree

Lilliwhispers 38 hours ago

[ASMR] REIKI with GLASS BOTTLE and EXCALIBUR || Light || Hand movements

CordeliaCharter 40 hours ago

4 rare in Ophidian 2350 booster

Allen Marcus 42 hours ago


gourmetasmr 43 hours ago

Hey guys! Let's catch up and color together :)

JubileeWhispers 44 hours ago

ASMR NORTH POLE ROLEPLAY! Soft speaking and whispering

sweetwhispers4u 44 hours ago

ASMR | Thief: Down in the Bonehoard Ep. 1

theASMRnerd 45 hours ago

Subscriber Christmas Competition!!!! (Normal Crazy Voice)

TheWhisperCorner 45 hours ago

🎁Aiho Diffuser😄 Buying You A Gift! Role Play 😄

CalmingEscape . 45 hours ago

School Teacher: Page Turning, EXTRA Personal Attention, Dr Seuss | ASMR Role Play

Olivia's Kissper ASMR 45 hours ago

[ASMR]°ThinkAboutIt~A Soft Spoken Meditation

asmrnovastar 46 hours ago

Paletteful Pack Art Supply Unboxing! (ASMR soft spoken/whispering)

albinwhisperland 46 hours ago

~*ASMR*~ Yumetwins November 2016 Unboxing

TheLozzie88 47 hours ago

OOTD -red

yanghaiying 48 hours ago

💜✨Tingle Club Members Appointment | ASMR Role Play✨💜

WhispersRedASMR 49 hours ago

ASMR Trigger Shop ~ Whispering, Kissing, TkTk-KSKS & More [Role Play]

MissASMR 49 hours ago

Rooftop Rain Sounds & Native American Style Flute Music Improvisation

Ephemeral Rift 49 hours ago

ASMR Ear to Ear Whisper - Upcoming Q&A, Future Videos, and Social Media

Audible Quiet 49 hours ago


thestarlightwhisper 50 hours ago

Whisper 167-Fire Bear Redemption story part 2

WhisperingCanadian 50 hours ago

Harley Quinn ❤︎ASMR❤︎ Roleplay... Patching you up! Personal attention

Runnercaiti1 51 hours ago

British Char Sweet&(S)Low Helps You Pack For Vacay! ASMR Roleplay Part 2 Whispered

Fairy Char ASMR 52 hours ago

Get the last Fem/Dom sessions before they are gone!

Sarah C LaBrie 53 hours ago

Welcome to Nancy Today

NancyToday 53 hours ago

Day 13 post hip replacement op

NancyToday 53 hours ago

ASMR Creepypasta 💀 Underneath Reality

TheOneLilium 54 hours ago

🌜Period Products U.K🌛 Sounds & Soft Spoken

Groovy Sleepsounds 55 hours ago


lisa kiss 55 hours ago