[한국어 ASMR 롤플레이]뇌신경 검사 롤플레이/Cranial Nerve Exam Roleplay ASMR Min • 42 minutes ago *본 롤플레이는 실제 의학과 다를수도 있는점을 알려드립니다.
*라디오 ASMR 제작을 위해 여러분의 사연을 alstjr6717@naver.com 으로 보내주세요!
안녕하세요! 민 입니다! sr3d가 3월 달에 도착할 것 같아요..ㅠㅠ 해외배송 이다 보 ...
ASMR ] 알로에 젤로 촉촉하게 귀 마사지 / Aloe Ear massage ASMR 사랴_sarya7 • 56 minutes ago 사랴입니다

아아아아주 예전에 업로드 했던 알로에 젤 마사지 영상에 며칠전 덧글이 달렸길래 마침 떠올라 새로 만들어 보았습니다.

우와.. 그 영상이 3DIO를 처음 받고 만든 테스트 영상이었는데 어느덧 많은 시간이 지났네요 아마...10개월?

이러 ...
이번주 폭업 헤츄 Hechu • 1 hour ago 이번주 폭업 ...
音フェチ◆人気動画best5 ◆binaural asmr Tsubasa ASMR • 1 hour ago ここ1ヶ月の人気動画ベスト5♪
動画によって音の大きさが違うかもしれませんm(_ _)m音量調整出来なくてすみません。 ...
우깡님 출처 : 🍋 찐득레몬생크림 액점만들기 🍋 / 아클없이 액괴만들기 / 붕사없이 액괴만들기 / 아이폼없이 액괴만들기 / 젤괴없이 액괴만들기 / 소다없이 액괴만들기 / 헤츄 헤츄 Hechu • 1 hour ago 💟 안녕하세요 헤비들 헤츄에요 💟

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❗출처 누구에요 ? = 우깡님 ...
Asmr Role Play - Bitchy Haircut / Face Massage - Bitchy Tingles! British Accent MinxLaura123 ASMR • 1 hour ago Bitch ALERT!! lol ;) I am only acting in this video please remember that! i am not this nasty lol . so yesss, haircut and face massage rol ...
ASMR: 생활 : 스팀 다리미 질 /다림질/스팀 사운드 소리식객 ASMR • 2 hours ago ASMR: 스팀 다리미 질 /다림질/스팀 사운드

저는 세탁소에 와이셔츠 세탁 의뢰를 하지 않아요
집에서 어릴 적 부터 다리미 질을 배웠기에 혼자서 다려서 입죠
스팀 다리미 질을 할 때 스팀이 풍부하게 나오면 기분이 좋아진답니다.

혹시 다리미 질 ...
[日本語 ASMR, ASMR Japanese,音フェチ] 眠くなる8つのもの | 8 Triggers to Help You Sleep Eraing ASMR • 2 hours ago こんにちはイラインです。
いつのまにか登録者8万になりました。 (泣)本当にありがとうございます。
一緒にアップロー ...
ASMR Sensual Couple Soft rubbing, squishing sound, whisper ASMR--Guided Meditations, Hypnosis • 3 hours ago Hey, welcome to Samantha and Neil's ASMR, guided meditations, and hypnosis channel. We will be bringing you many videos that create ASMR, bu ...
Whispered Name Trigger Shout Out ***ASMR*** MoonFoxASMR • 3 hours ago Cash me outside, how bou dat?

Haha, just kidding guys! Thank you so much to those who support my channel on Patreon! You keep me going s ...
ASMR Tingles with Frivvi FrivolousFox ASMR • 3 hours ago Sorry about the audio quality :( Hopefully I'll figure this Zoomy guy out. I've read and watched different setup tutorials, but it's not com ...
ASMR :Unboxing "swap" Japon (≧∇≦)/ ft.Shironeko (Français/French) Em asmr • 3 hours ago (*^▽^*)Coucou à tous, j'ouvre avec vous un colis venant du Japon,qui m'a gentiment été envoyé par Shironeko! Merci à toi si tu regardes la v ...
Japanese Candy/Snacks 日本のキャンディー (ASMR Eating Sounds) ChasingSleep • 3 hours ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkyrIRyrRdY ...
ASMR: Binaural Ear Cleaning Roleplay BellaTrixie ASMR • 3 hours ago look at that i uploaded two videos a day apart woah

hope you enjoy. sorry i would have used latex gloves but didn't have any on hand hahah ...
小声で雑談 I have a chat in a low voice 咀嚼音 Chewing sound あんず • 4 hours ago いきなり人生について語り出す、そうそれが、あんずですよね、知ってましたよねすみません

Twitterは http://twitter.com/anzu_ASMR ...
ASMR Reading Crinkly Books With Mom and Son (Soft Spoken Binaural) ASMR Family • 4 hours ago If you like our ASMR content, please consider becoming a patron: https://www.patreon.com/ASMRFamily In this video mom reads to the youngest ...
What's in my phone? ASMR MrLuigisASMR • 4 hours ago Hey guys! Hope everything is well enjoying ASMR videos! ...
Philosophical makeup - Priority in the muddle of work, family, youtube yanghaiying • 4 hours ago http://amzn.to/2m5rE22
http://amzn.to/2 ...
live da madrugada Maria ZB • 5 hours ago live da madrugada
with CameraFi Live ...
ASMR Relaxing Chiropractic Adjustment 3 (Cracking | Soft Spoken | Crinkles) Wyatt Kane • 6 hours ago Sometimes you need a good crack in the back.

*This video is not affiliated with or sponsored by Cheez-I ...
(한국어ASMR)여행사롤플레이/초딩ASMR 밤아 ASMR • 6 hours ago ASMR이란?
자율쾌감반응(Autonomous sensory meridian response)은 시각적,청각적,촉각적,후각적,혹은 인기적 자기에 반응하여 불안정한 심리는 안정감이나 쾌감따위의 감각적 경험을 일컫는 말이다
----------------- ...
ASMR Rainstorm, Whispered Michael Soothing ASMR • 6 hours ago Sore throat today, bad cold, can't do any ASMR so I will upload a whisper video I did awhile back during big storm, and then be back with s ...
ASMR lectura de la Bíblia en Español Dan ASMR • 6 hours ago Lectura de Mateo 27 y 28.

E-mail: danasmr456@gmail.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Dan_ASMR

Facebook: Dan Stark ...
ASMR ESPAÑOL ~ en la pileta! ~ Water sounds ~ Sonidos de agua Arcoiris ASMR • 6 hours ago Hola a todos! les traigo un video diferente y bien de la época del año. Este mes me fue un poco dificil grabar, además se me rompió una part ...
[音フェチ] ~Tapping, Scrunching, Scratching~ メイクポーチで遊ぶ音 [Binaural ASMR] ASMR'er Made In Japan • 7 hours ago 皆さん、こんにちは♪

今回の動画は、クリスマスにもらったJill Stuartのメイクポーチを使って音を作るというテーマの動画です(*^-^*)


ツイッター:https:/ ...
ASMR * Theme: Travel to S. Korea * Tapping & Scratching * Fast Tapping * No Talking * ASMRVilla asmrvilla • 7 hours ago Here's another video in my "Travel to...." Series!
This time it's South Korea!

Here's a link to my "Travel to...." Playlist of all the co ...
ASMR Hypnosis Bitch Roleplay. Alyssa ASMR • 7 hours ago OPEN ME

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Hello you wonderful people!
Haha I can't get over the title. I wasn't that mean but its pretty ...
ASMR Request ~ Let Me Bore You To Sleep! Soft Spoken Seminar Speaker SouthernASMR Sounds • 7 hours ago Let's see who falls asleep first - you or me! :) ...
ASMR | Boss Ass Bitch Makeup | Roleplay | WTF KimmyLeASMR • 7 hours ago I have NO IDEA what crack I was on. But love me anyways... because I need it. I'm trying to JUST DO IT and stop being scared about what peop ...
Tracing ASMR Soft Spoken👄 Whispering ASMRTheChew • 7 hours ago Request😊 23,370⭐️ Lights, Random Tracing Soft Tapping Touching For Sleep, Stress, Calming And Relaxation🚶🏻Subscribe🎈
🍭IG:http://www.instagr ...
ASMR- Whisper makeup show and tell mylifeatrandomASMR • 8 hours ago This is a whispered video, showing you some of eye makeup. Enjoy! ...
ASMR Whisper: ABZU Part 2 theASMRnerd • 8 hours ago Today we return to the underwater paradise of ABZU! Kick back, relax, and enjoy the rainbow beauty and stunning musical score while I whispe ...
ASMR Light Trigger Assortment (Reviving you from ASMR Immunity Role Play) Whispers, Tapping & More Nite Shift ASMR • 8 hours ago Hi welcome to the Nite Shift... I have been expecting you... You've lost the ability to achieve the tingling sensation due to massive amount ...
2 Fast 2 Keep Up - The Fastest Most Agressive ASMR Tapping Video I Ever Made ... ASMR Alysaa • 8 hours ago This super fast tapping stuff is not easy! let me tell you!! haha... go a head and try it.. grab something and tap on it as fast as u can fo ...
Fried Chicken Pizza Celebration 먹방 nomnomsammieboy • 8 hours ago 3 million views calls for a celebration and some positive action. Time for some fried chicken pizza and a big donation to charity! ...
ASMR Compilation of Satisfying Visual Triggers With Layered Sounds // 100k Celebration Video Caroline ASMR • 9 hours ago Ahhhhh, it's good to be back :). Happy 100k tingle fam! THANK YOU SO MUCH AND LOVE YOU!!!! :)

I wanted to make something special that you m ...
ASMR - Hang Out and Chew Gum! (Whispering and Mouth Sounds) CoriCat Asmr • 9 hours ago Hey everyone, so I know, I've been gone for like 3 weeks. I have no excuse for that besides who I am as a person.
I love you all, thank you ...
ASMR leitura da Bíblia Mt. 20 e 21 (para dar sono) Dan ASMR • 10 hours ago Neste vídeo leio os capítulos 20 e 21 do livro de Mateus. Este vídeo foi gravado sussurrando com a intenção de dar sono e relaxar para dormi ...
ASMR Tap, Scratch, Click, Lid, trigger assortment for relaxation (paper, Plastic) Karen Singing ASMR • 10 hours ago Please wear headphones for the binaural effect! Hi Guys, please let me know which props you liked the best! Sorry for the clickbaity thumb, ...
The Ultimate ASMR Face Massage for SORE MUSCLES | Hand Movements and Latex Glove Sounds (Roleplay) ASMR Power Of Sound • 10 hours ago Click Here To Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2d8T1RR
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MUKBANG/(mom's)SPAGHETTI & MEAT SAUCE #THEFLAVATRAIN LadyTSensations • 10 hours ago Sunday dinner with mom! Share my channel. Enjoy these LadyTSensations ...
Satisfying ASMR Video - playing with water crystals (crush, slice giant orbeez) Honeyjam ASMR • 11 hours ago 잘해보려다... 약간 망한 비디오지만...
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Face Shave (Gentle) ASMR Conclave • 11 hours ago You can give your support on
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Please do not hesitate, feel free and ...
Live Mukbang !! Egg Rolls , Cheese Wontons , Rice & Fresh Strawberries !! ( Part 2 ) SuperFly • 11 hours ago Thank u so much for joining me . Had lots of fun as usual !!!
Love u guys , thank u so much !! Hope u guys can join me . ...
The Relaxing Mess┃Unpredictable ASMR Painting┃Plastic Knife Sounds TheWaterwhispers • 11 hours ago Hello tinglers! In today's unpredictable ASMR painting job I am going to create a relaxing mess for you by using some left over paint that w ...
Slime ASMR - Slime Smoothie 2 Slime ASMR • 11 hours ago Slime ASMR - Slime Smoothie 2

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