An Afternoon Loot Wear Unboxing [Theme: Dystopia] ASMR softly spoken

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Yawn Plays... Dark Souls (DSFixed) PT25 (whispers, game/controller sounds)

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ASMR ~ Eye test roleplay (Checkup)

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VID 20160825 140955

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VID 20160825 141310

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VID 20160826 010701 Michael Ping A12 Surrogate #0123412

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Michael A Ping Harrisburg Illinois Body Cam Log

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VID 20160826 030044

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VID 20160826 021320

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VID 20160826 020126

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[BINAURAL ASMR] Celestial Sleep Hypnosis (countdown, ear to ear whispering)

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Ролевые Игры АСМР Косметолог Role Play ASMR Relaxation

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Violent & Funky (Drum Cover by Matt Carter)

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ASMR FR/EN - 🇫🇷 Les Idiomatics (Idioms) 🇬🇧 - Whispering

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ASMR Cozy Chat: New Upload Schedule & Updates

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Painting a Canvas BLINDFOLDED for Relaxation & ASMR

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A.S.M R:Reluctant Story Time: I Am Not My Hair

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Update by the stream

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Desmond's trike tryout

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A.S.M.R Super Fast Ramble Celeb GossipTamar,JustinB,TaylorSwift

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Desmond's tricycle

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{ASMR} Chalkboard Art!

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Darlas crochet technique review

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ASMR 音フェチ リアルな耳かき音(両耳 無言)+文字で雑談

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Darla's crochet technique

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Asmr River Algonquin

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【音フェチ】[地声] 美容室ロールプレイ -binaural-【ASMR】

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Asmr River

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Let's Play No Man's Sky ~ ASMR/Whispering/Binaural

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ASMR FR: Tapping,scratching,tracing on a keyboard (Laptop/ordi portable)

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ASMR | 19th Century Gentleman Roleplay

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VID 20160825 140826

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ASMR - Random Stories and Rambling

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MVI 5241

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OOTD - comfy flower pants

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ASMR Story Time & Reading My 4th Grade Journal - Secret Potion

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❤︎ Dual Forms & Hard Builder Gel Nails Tutorial ❤︎ Relaxing ASMR Video

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🎧 Binaural ASMR 🍉 Scratching, Scraping, Digging, Tapping a WATERMELON 🍉 so tingly ✧nail-resistance✧

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\\\Journals & Diary ASMR /// Tapping, page turning, whispering

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ASMR Exploring A Glacier

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Ear to Ear Inaudible Unintelligible ASMR Whispering Session

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V-log about 'she lies' video

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Testing Soundproof Foam Tiles. ASMR. Does This Thing Really Work?

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Binaural ASMR ♥ 30 Minutes of Relaxing Rain Sounds

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ASMR Graze Box #2 Whispered Unboxing

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*INTENSE ASMR* Virtual Scalp & Back Massage w/ In-Ear Mics

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ASMR Tapping 4 Taking Ls

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3DIO ASMR Test tapping scratching chuchotements

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crinkling plastic, paper and reading ingredients list asmr

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asmr mirror brushing and spraying fake snow

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ASMR Gaming Whisper: Let's Play Thief - Level 2 - Break from Cragscleft Prison Part 3

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Update new studio under the deck

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ASMR River in Algonquin Park

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Update from the beach

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ASMR Ear to Ear Whispering ~ The Sounds Of Gifts In Your Ears! 📪

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"Taking Care Of The Joker" *ASMR Role-Play*

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ASMR Lipstick Application and Kiss Sounds, Mouth Sounds, Swatching RealHer Moisturizing Lipsticks

Brittany ASMR 44 hours ago


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ASMR: Fun with New Makeup App, and Split Screen test

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ASMR Only For You ~ Ear to Ear Whisper ~ Binaural RP

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[ASMR] Gloves, whispers, and quick tingles!

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Gothic Romantic Poetry w/ Binaural Hair Playing & Crinkly Necklace

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Candy Man 9 - "A Blast from the Past" [ ASMR ]

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Gum chewing Q&A part 2 - ASMR Soft Spoken

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Serial Killer Ariel. You have to STOP opening your mouth!

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ASMR - Eating Baked Spaghetti/Whisper #259

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ASMR: Whispering Facial Products Haul & Fav Relaxation Lotions

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ASMR spanish | Cinema Projector 30s to 70s | Show&Tell with Tapping and whispers

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►5 ASMR Visual Triggers/ 5 Triggers visuales◄SHORT(Bath Bomb-Kinetic Sand-Floam+)

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ASMR Old Style Words Looping in Polish with Effervescent Tablet, Mouth Sounds

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Hair Brushing ASMR

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ASMR No Talking (ear to ear tapping objects, ear brushing, ear cleaning)

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PAS ASMR/NOT ASMR - Annonce : nouvelle chaîne Youtube

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A.S.M.R. Rant- Why Are You so Negative???

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NOT ASMR - Bêtisier pour les 3 ans de la chaîne (Bloopers for the 3rd birthday of this channel)

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