ASMR PORTUGUÊS BR : ROLEPLAY BARBEARIA / Barber Shop / Sons de Espuma, Tapping e Sussurros Helen ASMR • 3 minutes ago Oláa pessoal, mais um videio bem delicado para vocês, espero que gostem, com sons de tapping, espuma, pincel e muito carinho ..!!!

Bejinho ...
Twin Girl Ear Cleaning - ASMR - Brunette & Redhead Rapunzel ASMR • 17 minutes ago By popular request I made another twin girl ear cleaning video with the new microphone :D Hope you like it!

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찐득찐득 액체괴물 2개 만들기 예쁜 바다색과 밤하늘 크런치 액체괴물 ASMR 슬라임 만들기 ASMR 밤하느리 • 21 minutes ago 안녕하세요 밤하느리입니다. 풀볼륨으로 들으면 귀가아파요.
반드시 소리설정을 중간에서 중간조금 넘는 정도로 설정해서 청취해주세요:)
00:08 영상 전체 미리보기(추천)
07:36 재료 세팅
08:10 물풀 붓고 젓기(추천)
12:16 책 ...
液体・オイル 瓶を振る音 No Talking ASMR【音フェチ】 nyan mari ASMR japan • 24 minutes ago 瓶に入った液状のものを振っています。


※チャンネル登録・コメント・高評価いただけますと大変励みになります。 ...
Bath Refill ASMR show • 32 minutes ago
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아 오늘 정말덥다.. [냉면] 리얼사운드 먹방! (No talking asmr) 밴쯔의 ASMR • 45 minutes ago 오늘 정~말 덥네요 ㅠ,ㅠ 더운날 더 조심해야합니다.. 'ㅁ'

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INSATIABLE - Extreme Orgasm Stimulation with Binaural Beats (Hands Free) Sensual Beats • 53 minutes ago SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2iXRaAK
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Lost In Minecraft 2 - ASMR Asmr Vids • 57 minutes ago This map is turning out to be a great one to go exploring in. And we finally got a bow! ...
동네산책 손그림 그리기 • 1 hour ago 제가 가장 많이 사용하는 만년필 은 '라미 Vista' 입니다.

EF촉입니다. 대형문구점 백화점등에 판매하지만,

인터넷 구입을 추천드립니다.^^

소개영상 https://youtu.be/qrQkxJBiSk4

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【蛇足】マリオカートで勝負だ!!!【まっくす】 ;D ASMR&Games • 1 hour ago ◆;D ASMRのチャンネル登録お願いします!!:https://goo.gl/TR2nts


https://line.me/R/ti/ ...
Coffee Refill ASMR show • 1 hour ago
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Slime ASMR - Slime Pressing 6 cryb4by • 1 hour ago Slime ASMR - Slime Pressing 6

Video credits:

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Coloration de mes cheveux plus massage cranien 💆( part 1) ASMR petite nana • 2 hours ago La suite de la vidéo sera bien évidemment mis en ligne. . J ai du la faire en deux étapes car petit bug🤔
Et puis vous pourrez voir ce que ça ...
АСМР/ASMR ШЕПОТ/ РАСПАКОВКА ПОСЫЛКИ ОТ ПОДПИСЧИЦЫ Любовь Терлецкая • 2 hours ago ♥АСМР Группа вконтакте:
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ASMR шёпот. О ВСД, "панических атаках", играх и стриминге Julia ASMR • 2 hours ago Здесь я делюсь с подписчиками своими "глубоко" личными переживаниями и наблюдениями, тем, что меня волновало длительное время. Если вы пришл ...
Asmr - Playing with my Long Hair .. Relaxing Tingles 👩🏻👩🏻👩🏻 Pamper Time! MinxLaura123 ASMR • 2 hours ago Hi there Hope you all enjoy this tingly video! hugs hugs hugs . please click like .. comment.. subscribe :) and please click the notificati ...
【朗読系・ささやき】あなたと出逢えて毎日幸せだよ♡(バイノーラル/ASMR) 美咲のボイスちゃんねる • 3 hours ago 【朗読系・ささやき】あなたと出逢えて毎日幸せだよ♡(ASMR/耳責め/ボイス)


らむりて台本部 「ありがとう」その気持ちをアナタに込めて

My nighttime routine grwm ASMR - Tapping, cooking sounds, soft speaking, lotion sounds makeup ASMR • 3 hours ago ♡ What do you guys want to see next?
My Main Channel: www.youtube.com/EvangelineDavies

Hi guys i hope you're all doing amazing! Leave any r ...
ASMR - Roleplay - Le conseil de classe ASMR et CHUCHOTEMENT • 4 hours ago ASMR Roleplay - Le conseil de classe
Mon tipeee pour me soutenir : https://www.tipeee.com/asmr-et-chuchotement
Vous avez un achat à faire su ...
[ASMR] Viagem Astral & Sonho Lúcido * Som de Brasa Queimando * Português BR * Energia Zen ASMR • 6 hours ago Olá Pessoa do bem, tudo zen? Você sabe o que é viagem astral e sonho lúcido? Não? Então vem comigo, que hoje vou te explicar tudinho! Este v ...
Асмр Подарки Oskar ASMR • 6 hours ago Добро пожаловать на мой канал Асмр на Украинском!
Приятного просмотра! ...
The Meditation Music Hub - Healing Chakra Meditations - From Root To Crown (Binaural Beats) Brainwave Hub ● HQ Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones for Self Growth & Mind Expansion • 6 hours ago Did you know we have a new channel, 'The Meditation Music Hub'? This channel is another one of our outlets for blissful meditation audios, w ...
Japanese ASMR - Eears Licking sucks ASMR +18 • 6 hours ago Anime Games - https://goo.gl/Lk2DVQ ...
Japanese ASMR - massage ears (Please sign up) ASMR +18 • 6 hours ago Please sign up - https://goo.gl/Lk2DVQ ...
ASMR role play : Your creepy neighbor says hi DarkerRunes ASMR • 6 hours ago This neighborhood is nice and there is coffee and paper. There are sounds and a new neighbour says the days and anyway it is nice. There is ...
Comforting ASMR Triggers: Personal Attention, Reiki, Affirmations & More! (Binaural; 3Dio) Jellybean Green ASMR • 7 hours ago Hey y'all! Many people have asked that I place the tapping in these trigger assortments at the beginning so that they're easier to skip for ...
Asmr Boyfriend Roleplay: Autistic Girlfriend Comfort, Whispering, Love, Comforting LonelySoul Asmr • 7 hours ago This is an asmr boyfriend roleplay, and part two of Autistic Girlfriend!! In this video your boyfriend comforts you after you wanted to leav ...
BLE ASMR|詩句시구 캘리그라피로 적기 (글씨쓰기, 캘리그라피, writing sound) 블 ASMR • 7 hours ago 윤동주와 김소월의 시구를 캘리그라피로 적어보았습니다.

구독과 좋아요, 댓글 감사합니다 :)

이메일 bleasmr@gmail.com
인스타그램, 트위터 @blewrite ...
Please Watch: A Message For Everybody (Non-ASMR) Paul Phillips ASMR • 8 hours ago This is a video for those who don't know about the atrocities that occurred on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd May. The following 20 minutes wi ...
FEET ASMR Cloveress ASMR • 8 hours ago
FEET ASMR Cloveress ASMR • 8 hours ago i hate you all ...
🎀 ASMR Molton Brown Shop RP 💝 Scottish ASMR blueberry • 8 hours ago In this video i do lots of writing with a very cool sounding pen, i also make lots of lid sounds and do some tapping , i hope you all enjoy ...
ASMR Written Note Pepe Do • 8 hours ago
ASMR Written Note Pepe Do • 8 hours ago Hi, this was sort of a different video for me to make. But for the audience, it might just be another monotonous video. Anyway, here it is - ...
ASMR The Joker Transforming You into a joker! 🃏 ASMR NOIRE • 8 hours ago A new Mr. J roleplay! You have been captured and will be transformed into a Joker clone just to show Batman Anyone can go crazy!
Lots of clo ...
[ASMR] Reiki || Utterly Relaxed 💤 CordeliaCharter ASMR • 8 hours ago **** Open Me! ****

You can find me being a huge dork on INSTAGRAM:

You can donate (only if yo ...
O Pescador e o Gênio ( Conto das mil e uma noites) Relaxe Aqui ASMR • 9 hours ago Uma história que mostra que o poder e arrogância nunca se sobrepõe a humildade e sabedoria. Nessa estória contada por Sherazad, um humilde ...
ASMR * Theme: Sponge Scratching * Tapping & Scratching * Sponge Sounds * No Talking * ASMRVilla asmrvilla • 9 hours ago After a recent video where I scratched on a sponge, I got lots of requests for a full sponge video! Here it is! Lots of Scratching with so ...
[ASMR Português] Meditação Guiada | Limpeza e Equilíbrio Mental (SEMANA DA LIMPEZA ENERGÉTICA #2 ) ASMR Lá Nas Alturas • 9 hours ago NAMASTÊ & BONS SONHOS ♥ Nesse vídeo eu vou te guiar em uma meditação para a limpeza e equilíbrio mental, para te relaxar com muitas vibraçõ ...
(ASMR) I Review Every Single Needle Drop Review (War on Drugs, Lil Wayne, ASAP Rocky, Bjork) ASMR Samis • 10 hours ago Day #82 of Making ASMR Videos About Anthony Fantano Until He Makes One For Me

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ASMR_Samis

Fantano ASMR: https: ...
ASMR Intense Relaxation for Sleep and Tingles (Close Whisper) TingleBelleASMR • 10 hours ago Hello there. I hope this simple close whisper video helps you to relax, fall asleep, and feel great about yourself.

0:00 Intro
1:27 - Guid ...
Relaxing Makeup Removing and Skin Care Service💖/ ASMR Beauty Salon Roleplay Latte ASMR • 10 hours ago Hi everyone! This is Latte :)
Today's video is makeup removing and skin care service for you.
I hope you enjoy this and Always Thank you so ...
ASMR (Español) Sonidos Binaurales Cosquillosos con Hielo y Agua ٩(˘◡˘)۶ ASMR con Lizzie • 10 hours ago Hola!!! Les dejo un vídeo especial Inaudible y sonidos binaurales. Espero que lo disfruten y no se derritan como yo! Jaja Besooos!

Hi!! Thi ...
[ASMR] Atenção Pessoal #2: Massagem Facial e Nas Mãos (Face & Hand Massage) ASMR BR • 11 hours ago Mais triggers de atenção pessoal (personal attention)! Dessa vez você vai ganhar massagem caprichada nas mãos e no rosto. O vídeo mistura tr ...
ASMR Eating Empanada bought from a kid street vendor ScorpioAnnYT ScorpioAnnYT • 11 hours ago Hi guys! I bought these yummy empanada pastries from a cute and kind street vendor kid. I hope you find this video soothing and entertaining ...
ASMR Wooden Bowl and Other Wooden Sounds | Wood Tapping, Scratching, and More Ear to Ear ASMR Flux • 11 hours ago Thanks for checking out my video! This video is full of wooden sounds of all different kinds as well as some whispering. Everything from tap ...
ASMR Extensive Eye Examination for Surgery | Close Up Pen Lights, Latex, Face Measuring Kamen Whispers ASMR • 11 hours ago Well, tried to put as many tingle goodies in as I could. This includes pen light, other eye exam lighting, latex gloves, whisper, keyboard ...
MESMERIZING ASMR Fiber Optic Light Show with Rain Sounds (no talking) Lynn Cinnamon ASMR • 11 hours ago Fiber Optic Glacier Lite http://amzn.to/2qesxDS

I hope this fiber optic light show gives you tingles and/or helps you relax and sleep. The ...
Florever - Agatha Ruiz De La Prada || Reseña Aqua by Carolina • 11 hours ago ***Nada de lo que aparece en este video es publicidad. Todas las reseñas son pura y exclusivamente mi opinión y todo lo que diga está basado ...
[ASMR] Really Quick Mouth Sounds PJ Dreams ASMR • 11 hours ago Hair down, ASMR up!

This was supposed to be a really long twin mouth sounds video. I was frustrated that i had no time to do what I love, s ...
Soft Spoken Ramble ASMR Eating Sounds Sandwich | Cinnamon Eggs ASMRTheChew • 11 hours ago ASMR 😊 57770⭐️ Spirits Of Lights, Eating Onions Peppers Fried Egg Sandwich Ramble. I Think She's Obsess And Try To Hurt Me. For Calming Rel ...