ASMR Styrofoam models vs thermal knife (oddly satisfying)

ASMRSurge • 6 days ago

Hello everyone,

The idea of making a video in which I would cut through styrofoam models with a thermal knife
has been in my mind since the end of the last year. Considering my tendency to procrastinate, I knew beforehand that it is gonna take me some time
to get it done, so I decided to buy all of the necessary props just after coming up with this idea back in December 2016

I thought I'll be able to make this video in my recording studio, but it turned out that the heat from the blade generates so much smelly fumes while cutting the styrofoam that it made the whole process
unbearable and very unsafe. It was impossible to do it in studio conditions even when I kept the window wide opened.

I was so pissed off that it made me completely unwilling to find a solution to the problem right away. What do I do when there is nothing I can hold on to? Yes you are right. Procrastination takes the helm.

After a few months I realised that the only way to get this video done is to do it outside, late at night. But wait a minute, what my neighbours will think when they spot me with a knife cutting through a fake frog in the middle of the night?
Firstly I thought about that old retired men from across the street who decided to built a house just next to mine probably in order to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. He is such a humble person. All he probably needs is just some peace.

OK. I made the video, and it just so happened that he probably spoted me... I didn't see him during the night, but he has started acting so strange and unusual every time when he sees me.
He probably thinks that it was better to live his life in the presence of the traffic noises rther than a weirdo who records himself while doing a vivisection of a styrofoam frog in the middle of the night. Maybe it wouldn'd have looked so scary and strange if I hadn't worn a full breathing mask.

Should I approach him and explain what ASMR is or will it make the matter even worse?

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My equipment:

Mic 1:

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Pair of mics 3:

XLR cables:

Audio Interface:

Laptop with passive cooling for sound recording:

Recorder 1:

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Camera 1:

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Stedicam: amzn